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Audio & Lighting Solutions

Expanding your home entertainment experience

TV and Side Lights

High Def on Stone Wall

Triple View

Triple TV Installation

Automation & Security

Home audio, lighting, security & automated solutions

Entertainment Systems

Integrated home entertainment room systems

Audio & Video

ResAV combines smart technology with audio and video technology to enhance your home entertainment experience and provide the convenience of automation for features such as lighting, window coverings, hvac control.


Home Theater & Audio

from concept to completion, we’ll design and build the home theater & audio of your dreams. It’s time to enjoy your entertainment in the ultimate environment – your home. A home audio system means you enjoy your playlist on the terrace, the deck, master bedroom, master bath, kitchen, and office… wherever you like.

Automated Systems

Your favorite song greets you at the door, turn on lights, adjust shades, security & surveillance systems with ease from your mobile device, and save energy in the process. Designing the systems that allow your home to respond intelligently to your coming and going… this is what automation systems are about.

Our Goal, Your Life

There is a certain grace and balance to life when your home or office environment is customized and automated to be in lock-step with you preferences. We work to discover your priorities and design a system in sync with the rhythm of your life – bringing that grace & balance to the palm of your hand is our business.

  • C. Kaufman,

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Mike and Mark! Seriously -- I call Mike, within 15 minutes, he returns my call and Mark is there in another 10 minutes. The 2 of them are always in a great mood -- such a great team you've built! - C. Kaufman

  • John R.,

    I have probably never worked with a finer, more talented and genuinely nice company as yours. I will try to find referrals to your business, for they would be well taken care of I am sure. John R.

  • John K.,

    We are still blown away by your Sonos system. Jared sits in the kitchen and listens to Sinatra while doing homework. Our lives are enriched. Hope all is well. John K.

  • Kandy A.,

    We love it! It is awesome! If I didn't have to go to work I would never leave the house! Kandy A.

  • Jason P. ,

    Watched a movie last night and the theater setup is awesome! For the first time in her life my wife said she could understand why we needed all those speakers 🙂 Been a pleasure working with you guys. Take care! Jason P.

  • Fernando C.,

    Thanks man...u guys rocked. Totally love the systems and your professionalism and knowledge was impressive. I will definitely talk you up. Fernando C.

Our Team

  • Testimonial

    Mike Castello

    System Programmer

    About Mike Castello

    Mike Castello is most often seen with his laptop programming a remote, designing a whole house lighting plan, or researching the latest techno-toy. But don’t be fooled: Mike is a serious audiophile and videophile, utilizing his 18 years of experience delivering high-end audio and video entertainment systems often. “What we do for our clients is first and foremost FUN,” says Mike. Also fun for Mike: being a father to 3 daughters, and competing in Cyclo-Cross racing events around central Ohio.

  • Testimonial

    Mark Kesler

    Lead Installer

    About Mark Kesler

    Mark Kesler is a study in contrasts – catch him cranking up Nine Inch Nails or mellowing out to blue jazz on a cool evening. “There are times for loud music and times for smooth and mellow,” Mark says. With over 20 years of experience and is a CEDIA-certified installer, Mark is a man of action who is at his best with his sleeves rolled up to hang a TV, climb thru an attic to pull wire, or in his free time to work on his ’33 Ford Roadster kit car.

Our Products

The audio, video and automation brands we use are the highest caliber and vetted by our team to meet our high standards. ResAV is ISF Certified which is one way consumers can be assured of the highest quality audio video service.














Installing the systems that allow your home to respond intelligently to your coming and going.
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